Utility payments

Pay your utilities through Postbanks‘ digital channels and take advantage of electronic payments pluses!

  • With e-Postbank and m-Postbank you are able to pay your utility bills to more than 200 suppliers from different categories (water supply, energy supply, internet, TV and many more.
  • You can make the payment from your account in BGN or from a credit card issued by Postbank. The payment by credit card is free of charge!
  • Online payment is extremely convenient and fast. No need to store documents. The full history of your payments is available in your Internet and mobile banking account.
  • Create an easy and fast subscription for a specific service and subscriber number and so with each new obligation you will receive a system notification in e-Postbank or a push notification in m-Postbank.
  • Payments are made after explicit confirmation by you. Thus, it is not possible to pay an invoice that is in an unexpectedly larger amount.
  • The service is available for both individual clients and legal entities.You can pay both your bills and third party bills. The liabilities do not have to be in your name.


How are payments made and what data is needed?

In e-Postbank payments are made from the menu "Utilities and taxes".

If you prefer to pay on the go and use the m-Postbank mobile banking application, use the “Utilities” menu. In order to pay your utility bills, you need to know the subscriber number you are paying for. You must first select a service category, then select the specific merchant, service provider and enter the subscriber number you want to pay for. In case there is an amount due, data on the obligation will be displayed during the inspection. You can create a payment subscription and receive notifications when you have a new liability or make one-time payments by entering the necessary data.

How to confirm utility payments? 

In order to increase security in correspondence to the Payment Services Directive (Regulation (EU) 2015/2366), additional identification is required for creating or editing a subscription, as well as each separate payment, without subscription.

The confirmation is performed with a software token m-Token Postbank or a one-time code received via SMS (SMS OTP) for users who do not have a registered token.

After payment, is there information in my account about the paid invoice and other details?


No. The payment report contains the name of the merchant, date of payment, means of payment and amount. Details of the amount due (invoice number, payment period, etc.) are available for an active payment obligation, by selecting the "Details" button.

The information available in the "Details" button is provided by the merchant and may vary from one merchant to another.

Can I change the account or card I pay from?


You can edit the subscriptions you have created for paying utility bills at any time in both channels (e-Postbank and m-Postbank). Additional confirmation is required when editing a subscription.

Can I pay bills separately (if there is more than one issued invoice)?


No. If you have more than one invoice, you can pay the sum of all amounts due.