The loan is intended for:
  • Purchasing materials, consumables, raw materials, goods 
  • Covering ongoing needs

Our proposal:
  • Cover the overhead expenses and seasonal needs for your Business without any
  • Seize the opportunities that have suddenly opened before your business
  • Tailor your repayments scheme to your liking
  • Minimum payment of the accumulated monthly interest 
  • Expand your business and increase your market share 
  • Contract better prices and payment terms with your suppliers 
  • Optimize your expenditure

For customers with active current accounts during the last 6 months at the bank: 

  • Currency: BGN
  • Amount: BGN 40 000
  • Term: up to 20 years with annual review
  • Interest rate: depending on the financial portfolio of the customer
  • Possible securities: writ of execution, guarantee by a legal entity/s/ and/or
  • Repayment scheme: minimum payment of accrued monthly interest
  • Fees and commissions: pursuant to the tariff of the Bank for customers -  legal entities