Additional confirmation of transfers

In order to improve the security for certain online transfers, the bank sends a one-time password, which should be entered for additional confirmation before sending them. Entering the correct password will be necessary for the successful execution of the respective transfer/transfers to which it refers. The transfers for which additional confirmation will be required are determined according to criteria set by the Bank.

In order to be able to use this functionality, it is necessary for your customer data to be correct, as well as an up to date mobile number to which you will receive one-time passwords to confirm transfers.

When performing a money transfer or other operations via Internet banking, the Bank sends SMS or executes an automatic call containing the following information:

  • Password validity
  • Number of transfers
  • Total amount of transfer/transfers

The message is sent to the mobile number specified by you. In order to confirm and complete the specific transfer, it is necessary to enter the one-time password in the specially designated field in Internet banking, which you will see on the screen.

Please make sure you provide the bank with the correct details and mobile phone number. Your contact details can be checked by visiting the nearest Postbank office or calling the Customer Service Center at * 7224 or +359 2 81 66 000 (for dialing from abroad).