Credit and Debit Cards

We would like to inform you for an important change regarding the confirmation of online payments with cards issued by Postbank.

In order to continue shopping online with your card you have to be authenticated through m-Token Postbank application.


1.  Download m-Token Postbank from App StoreGoogle Play or  AppGallery.

You should have an account for our internet banking e-Postbank to finish the registration for your software token.

In case you do not have an account for internet banking you can register for e-Postbank internet banking in a Postbank office near you or entirely online here.

2. Request a software token through your profile in your internet banking e-Postbank from Security > Token management > Request a new token

3. Start m-Token Postbank on your mobile device and enter the two codes you will receive via SMS and e-mail in the respective fields

4. Choose a PIN for access to the application


When the merchant is requesting additional confirmation of the transaction, you can confirm with m-Token Postbank through Push notification or QR code.


Credit cards benefits:

  • Ability to make equal monthly payment purchases at over 5 000 premises via Postbank POS terminals
  • Your credit card gives you easy access to funds for all your important purchases

With your you can:

  • Shop at over 17 000 premises in Bulgaria and over 24 million premises around the world
  • Withdraw cash to the full amount of your credit limit at over 1 million ATMs around the globe
  • Shop online internationally
  • Enjoy 50 days grace period for transactions of “Payments of goods and services"
  • Make purchases into equal monthly payments at over 5 000 premises via Postbank POS terminals
  • Decide for yourself the amount and the period of your monthly repayment
  • Repay as little as 5% of the total due amount (but no less than 20 BGN)


  • The chip card guarantees you secure access to your funds 24/7
  • Subscription for SMS notification which allows you to receive information on on-line transactions and account balance on all subscribed cards on your mobile (A1, Vivacom, Telenor)
  • Postbank also investigates complaints for illegal activities and unauthorized transactions with cards

Useful tips

  • When you start using your credit card always consider the grace period for repayment.  This is the period when you do not pay any interest on the amount spent. This is a key advantage of credit cards in general
  • Make sure you change your PIN often
  • Use the credit card for purchases rather than cash withdrawals. The credit card is best suited to payments and purchases. Cash withdrawals from your credit card always incur higher fees and commission  
  • It is advisable to use your credit card at Postbank terminals. The terms of operation in banks, offices or terminals (POS and ATM) differ depending on the institution that issues the credit card.  Therefore in the interest of saving use your credit card on terminals or premises owned by the issuer of your card.

For more information please contact Customer services at 0700 18 555 (dial free for mobile subscribers)