Bundled Products

Accounts built with your business in mind

At Postbank, we believe that in today's reality, it is an imperative to offer banking that accommodates the full spectrum services required by your specific business. Furthermore, while developing our offering, we always strive to build services that are easy to use and deliver efficient cost solutions. Our packaged services are no exception.

Designed to facilitate your day-to-day banking operations our packages "Dinamika" and "Dinamika +" come with long list of advantages:

  • reduce your banking service costs up to 49% depending on your package of choice
  • maximize your profit with an annual interest rate of 3% on your current account
  • enjoy 24/7 access to your money with our Internet banking e-Postbank
  • access detailed information about the status of all your accounts
  • enjoy no fee bank transfers with e-Postbank (depending on the selected package*)
  • get higher current account cash withdrawals limit without additional charges*
  • deposit for your current cash account in a bank branch* without fees

Additionally, with our packages you will instantly take advantage from:

- current BGN account without initial fees;
- no registration fee for our internet banking service - e-Postbank
- free debit card (Master Card 24h business)
- availability of overdraft (subject to credit policy)

For more information, please contact our SBB Experts in the nearest Branch or at 0700 18 555.