Express Banking Digital Zones - Functionality

  • Withdraw/Deposit amounts from/to your accounts and cards

In order to withdraw and deposit money, you no longer have to visit the bank’s office and wait in line. All you need is an active debit, credit or prepaid card issued by the Bank, which you will use to identify yourself.

You can make withdraws and deposit not only from and to your card, but with all your accounts in Postbank, without the need to register for Internet banking.

Deposits are reflected in real time to your account, so that the amount is available right away.

Deposits to cards, issued to accounts in other currencies will be converted to the currency of the account by the cash exchange rate of the Bank for the day the deposits is made.

The maximum single withdraw from Digital express banking zones is 800 BGN.

The maximum single deposit is 50 banknotes (40 banknotes and additional 10).

Important! For even higher level of security when withdrawing money from an account other than the card, the operation will require confirmation from the cardholder with a one-time code received via SMS or automatic voice call to a mobile number provided to the Bank.

  • Transfers

Third party payments in Bulgaria

You can order transfers in BGN from your accounts to third party accounts in Postbank or in another bank in Bulgaria.

Transfers between own accounts and credit card

You can make transfers in BGN between your accounts in the Bank and to a credit card issued to you by the Bank.

Payments to others’ credit card

You can pay credit card obligation issued by Postbank to another person. In order to do this you will need to have information about the recipient – credit card number of the card issued by Postbank.

Important! For a higher level of security for transactions to third party accounts inside and outside the Bank and credit card repayments, issued by the Bank to another person, the operation will require confirmation with a one-time code received via SMS or automatic voice call to a mobile number provided to the Bank.

  • Apply for a credit product

With just a few quick steps, you can apply for a consumer loan, mortgage loan or credit card. Select the type of credit card or amount and term of the loan, then confirm your details. We process the received request as soon as possible and will contact you at the specified contact number to specify the necessary details and next steps in the process.

  • References and statements

You no longer need to queue or call the bank’s call center to check the movements of your accounts in the Bank. The digital express banking zones give you complete information about your products in the Bank and some of the devices also allow you to print out statements from your account or your credit card, issued by the Bank.

  • Pay utilities
Pay your utility bills in seconds. All you have to do is select the utility provider from the “Pay bills” menu and enter the subscriber number. After successful payment you will receive a note about the paid amount from the device.