Software m-Token Postbank

In order to increase the security of online payments through e-Postbank and online card transactions, we implemented a new tool for payment confirmation.

m-Token Postbank is a mobile application used for payment authorization in a secure and easy way. m-Token Postbank performs two-factor authentication of the user and creates a dynamic linking between every transaction and confirmation of such transaction, which meets the regulatory requirements imposed by the updated Payment Service Directive (PSD2).

With m-Token Postbank, you have the freedom to manage your finances remotely without need of complex installations that require technical knowledge. All you need is a smartphone with Android (5.1+) or iOS (8.0+) operation system.

 Important notice! After registration for m-Token every third-party payment should be confirmed with the application.
  • How to request and activate m-Token Postbank:

1. Install m-Token Postbank application from the App Store, Google Play или AppGallery. The usage of application is free of charge.

2. Log in to your e-Postbank profile. If you do not have a registration, you can register online here or visit the nearest bank office.

3. Request a software token through your internet banking profile > Security menu > Token Management > Request a new token.

You will receive two activation codes - via Viber/SMS and e-mail, sent respectively to the mobile number and to the e-mail address, provided by you to the bank. Start the m-Token Postbank application on your mobile device and enter the two codes received in the appropriate fields.

4. Set a 6-digit PIN code for access to the application.

  • How to use m-Token Postbank for transfers through e-Postbank?

1. Create a transfer to a third party through your internet banking. When you are sending the payment,  a new confirmation window will appear on the screen for m-Token confirmation.

2. You will receive a Push notification on your mobile device. Open the notification and log-in to m-Token Postbank with your PIN or biometric data. Check the payment details and confirm the payment.

If you do not receive the Push notification, you can select "QR Code authorization" in the window for software token confirmation in e-Postbank. The QR code contains the payment details which will be displayed at the screen of application. You have to scan the code after unlocking the m-Token Postbank and selecting "QR Code authorization". Confirm the payment in the application after making sure that the data is correct.

  • What are the benefits of using a software token:

1.Easy and quick activation process – you have to start software token activation through your e-Postbank profile, menu Security >> Token management without visiting bank branch.

2.Does not require installation of different components and settings – all you need is a smartphone with compatible version of the operating system.

3.Easy and secure access - the application is accessed with a PIN or biometric data. During the activation, you will be required to choose a 6 digits PIN.  After login the application, you will have an option to set biometric for login.

4.Fast and convenient payment confirmation - you will receive a push notification on your smartphone for every payment, which you have to confirm. After opening the notification, you will see information about the details of the transaction that you confirm and you will be able to confirm or reject the transaction.

5.High security - for each operation ordered through e-Postbank you will receive its details on your phone before confirmation. This way, you will have confidence that the payment transaction is correctly entered and will be executed the way you ordered it.

  • What are the functionalities of m-Postbank:

1.Authorize payments ordered through e-Postbank

2.Confirm card payments at merchant sites marked with Mastercard Identity Check and Visa Secure

3.Change your PIN code or set biometric for login

4.You can migrate the token to a new device (when changing your smartphone you can migrate the token easy and fast with no need of new activation).


I. General information

  • What is m-Token Postbank?

m-Token Postbank is a mobile application for smartphones. The application ensure strong customer authentication and payment confirmation in a secure way. m-Token Postbank performs two-factor authentication of the user and builds a dynamic link between the authorization method and each specific transaction, which meets the regulatory requirements of the updated PSD2 Directive.

  • What do I need to use m-Token Postbank?

To use the m-Token Postbank software token, you need to have a smartphone with iOS 8+ or Android 5.1+ and internet access. You can download it from the App Store or Google Play, respectively, depending on your operating system.

  • How do I activate m-Token Postbank?

You can activate m-Token Postbank through your e-Postbank Internet banking profile. After loggin into e-Postbank, select Security menu >> Token Management.

In order to activate token and to confirm your payments we need to have your actual data – mobile phone number and email address.

In case you want to request change of your data you should visit the nearest bank office, find a convenient branch here.

1. Select the button Request a Token. After selection the button, you will receive two activation codes – code 1 through sms or automatic voice call and code 2 through an email. These codes are sent to your mobile phone and email address provided to the Bank.

2. Install the m-Token Postbank app on your smartphone from Google Play or the App store.

3. Enter the codes which you have received by sms and email in the appropriate fields.

4. Create a 6-digit PIN to access the application.

After successful login, in Settings menu >> Biometrics, you can set a fingerprint or face recognition (for iOS) for easy login to the app.

Important! After the token registration, all payment transactions will be confirmed with the issued token in the future (the token replaces your current authentication method digital certificate or QES).

  • How Many Tokens Can I Have?

Each user can have only one software token, which is used to confirm transfers in all his e-Postbank profiles (in case there are more than one) and online card transactions. The token will be automatically added to all profiles.

  • How many tokens can have on one device?

Only one software token per device.

  • What should I do if I change my smartphone?

You do not need to deactivate the token if you change your device. For your convenience, there is an option in the Settings menu in the app to migrate the token from one to another device. Select Settings menu, after that Migrate token, the system requires a confirmation to for migration. After confirming that you want the token to be migrated to another device, the activation codes and QR code will appear on the screen. You have to enter the codes or to scan QR code in order to activate token to a new device.

  • I have more than one profile  (company and a personal account). Will the software token be active for all of my profiles?

Yes. The software token will be active for all profiles you have. Once you activate a software token, it will be automatically registered in all of your accounts.

  • Can I use the application on my smart watch?

No. You need a smartphone to use m-Token Postbank.

  • Can I install the application on my personal laptop/computer?

No. The application works on smartphones with Android or iOS.

After the migration, the token will only work on the new device.

II. Confirmation of payment transactions

  • What kind of operation need confirmation with token?

As of September 14, 2019, all payment through Internet banking, except payments between own accounts and to own credit cards, have to be confirmed by m-Token.

  • How I will confirm the payments with m-Token?

When you create a new transfer via e-Postbank, the system will require confirmation of payment with m-Token Postbank.

You will receive a push notification on your mobile phone (on which the m-Token is installed). The notice contains payment details and can be confirmed or declined. You could confirm of decline a payment in the app.

  • I didn’t receive push notifications. What can I do?

You need to check if the app notifications are enabled. You can check the settings in Settings Menu >> Applications on your mobile phone. Then find m-Token Postbank app and in the App Settings section >> Notifications you need to enable app notifications.

  • How do I confirm a payment if I do not receive a push notification?

In case you do not receive Push notifications for any reason, you can confirm your translations by scanning the QR code. Once you've created the e-Postbank translation, select the "QR Code Authorization" option. In the m-Token Postbank application, select the QR Code Authorization menu and scan the code. Confirm the payment after making sure the details are correct.

  • Can I confirm more than one payment at a time?

Yes. You can confirm more than one payment with both a Push notification and a QR code.

Select the payments you want to confirm. Depending on the number of payments, you will see either details on each payment on the m-Token Postbank screen, or information about the first and the last recipient’s IBAN of the selected payments, the total number and the total amount of transfers (if the number of payments is lagre).

After confirmation in m-Token Postbank, payments should be sent via e-Postbank via the Send button.

I have already activated m-Token Postbank but I still cannot order transfers:

- If you are registered online for the e-Postbank service, you need to visit a branch of Postbank in order to access the full version of the service. After changing the registration you will be able to order transfers online.

- If you are registered for the service with passive rights you will not be able to make payments to third parties. You should request a right change at a Postbank branch.

If company have two or more users who authorize payments, who will receive push notifications for payment confirmation.

The user who creates the payment and select button “Sign” will receive a push notification. Other users who need to sign, as in the current functionality, must log in to their profiles, in the Transfers menu, tab Current or Pending, and have to  select “Sign”. After selecting the Sign button, the user will receive a notification and will be able to confirm or decline the payment at m-Token Postbank application.

  • What is the meaning of the control number when I confirm mass/payroll payment?

The control number is a calculated (SHA256) code that allows you to verify the batch payment file.

At your screen, you can see the first 5 and last 5 symbols of the hash code. When you confirm the file through m-Token, you have to check that these characters match on both screens (e-Postbank and m-Token Postbank). In case the numbers are different do not confirm the execution of the file!

  • How to make transfers through the m-Postbank mobile application?

In order to be able to make transfers through m-Postbank, you need to trust your mobile device through Certificate or QES.


III. Functionalities and technical issues related to m-Token Postbank

  • What should I do if I forget my PIN for access m-Token Postbank?

To set up a new access PIN, you need to clear the cache and application data on Android devices, or reinstall the application if you're using iOS.

Clear Android cache and data:

Enter Settings Menu >> Applications on your mobile phone. Then find the m-Token Postbank and in the Usage section >> you need to select Clear Cache and Clear Data.

Important notice! After cleaning cache and application data or re-installing, you need to activate the token again. To do so, you must request new activation codes from the your e-Postbank profile >>Security menu>> Token Management. After successfully activation of the new token, you will be able to create a new PIN.

  • What should I do if I forget my PIN to access m-Token Postbank but I have already enabled access with biometric data?

In that case, you can continue to log in with already configured biometric data. To recover your PIN you need to follow the steps above (activate a new token).

  • How do I deactivate m-Token Postbank?

You can deactivate the software token in two ways:

Using your e-Postbank account, Security menu >> Token management>>Delete;

Through the application m-Token Postbank, Settings menu >> Deactivate token.