Express banking digital zones

Banking is easier than ever! Why wait in line at the bank’s office and pay more in order to make transactions? With our new modern Digital zones for express banking by Postbank, you will save time and money.


Check out exactly how much you're saving in the "Fees" section.

To make full use of the new Digital zones for express banking you will only need an active bank card, which serves the purpose of identification.

These zones are available to individuals and for legal entities, who require registration for the service.

New services in our digital zones make banking even more functional and convenient. With the wide range of affordable operations you can now take advantage of many new opportunities:

  • Cash deposit in EUR.
  • EUR money transfers in Bulgaria and  European Economic Area (EEA)
  • Utility and  local tax payments.
  • E-Receipt via E-mail
  • m-Token Postbank conformation of third party operations

The Digital zones for express banking can be used for:

   Deposit and withdraw money, not only from your debit card, but your other accounts as well;   
           Make transfers in BGN and EUR within the Bank or outside the Bank (EEA) from all your accounts in Postbank;
             Generate bank statements from all your accounts in Postbank and print out your credit card statement;
  Apply for credit;
  Make payments to your Postbank credit cards;
  Pay bills and local taxes from your Acc or credit card;


Our modern express banking devices are available to clients of other banks who can use the withdraw function and pay their bills.

You can search here for the nearest Express banking zone to you.