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1. I get a message “The user has active session".
Active session occurs, when the user has not used for logout button “Logout" on the application and has closed the browser directly. In this case, the user has to wait 10-15 min., to restart the browser and to load the page again.

2. What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

You have two options here.The first one is to recall your password taking due care of the correctly typing of the lower case and upper case letters, and the digits. Check whether you have switched to Cyrillic. The second option is to reset the password online from Forgotten password option or to request a new Access code in office of the Bank and to receive new username and password. The Bank’s rules requires, the request to be made by the e-banking user, personally in office of the Bank.

3. Signature – How to sign and send a payment?
In menu “Transfers", tab. Current/ tab.pending you can to see the orders waiting signing and sending for execution.

Signing – Click on an icon  
Depending on the browser and the certificates installed on the computer, select a certificate wherewith you will sign. Confirm with “Yes" the messages upon using of the certificate.

Sending - Click on an icon

4. Transfers – What is a Transfer status and what is the meaning of it?
Description of the transfer statuses:

  • Successfully sent – Final status. The transfer has been processed and recorded in the banking system. Generally, flow has been generated under your account. The exceptions are some foreign currency transfers, which require extra documents, and the Mass Payments, which are subject to extra processing.
  • Signature collection – The initial transfer status. Such transfer will not be executed and processed until it is signed and sent by the customer for processing by the banking system. In order to sign and send, click on the respective icons.
  • Awaiting execution – The transfer waits processing by the banking system. The transfer can remain in this status throughout the business day set as the execution date at most. If the banking system has not processed it in the meantime, it will be formally rejected. Check your account funds for the transfer execution date.
  • Rejected – Final status (such transfer will not generate movement under your account). The banking system has processed and rejected this transfer. Check the reasons for the rejection in the menu Transfers – Report section. Create a similar transfer and correct the erroneous data.
  • Unsuccessfully sent - Final status (such transfer has not been sent to the banking system for technical reasons and will not be resent). Create a similar transfer and resend it.
  • Locked (in queue) – Temporary status – currently processed – check the status a little later.
  • Expired validity period - Final status (such transfer will not generate movement under your account). If you wish, create a similar one and send it.
  • Cancelled by client - Final status. No effective impact on the account balance and available funds in your account. 

Please make sure you have provided to the bank a correct personal data and mobile phone number. You can check if your phone number is correct by contacting your servicing branch or our Customer support center at +359 2 81 66 000.

What is One Time Password (OTP) confirmation?
OTP is an additional security measure used for online payments executed via internet banking system of Postbank e-Postbank. The additional code is generated automatically and can be used only once. The code is being sent to a specified by the client mobile phone number via SMS or via Automatic phone call (Voice OTP).

Does the OTP need an additional registration?
In order to confirm payments with OTP no additional registration is needed.

Which customers will use the OTP?
Both - the existing and new customers who have active rights at e-Postbank.

Does every payment need to be confirmed with an OTP?
The additional code will be needed only for those transactions that match the predefined criteria defined by the bank.

How will be executed payments that need OTP?
In order to be confirmed a payment that needs additional confirmation, the customer should enter the OTP in the appropriate field that appears on the Internet banking page.

How will be executed payments that need additional confirmation but the customer cannot receive the OTP for some reason?
In case the additional code cannot be received neither via SMS nor via Automatic call (Voice OTP), the payment still can be confirmed. For that purpose the customer should contact Customer support center of Postbank at +359 2 81 66 000.

What could be the reasons for not receiving the SMS?
The SMS OTP could be received by subscribers of all mobile network operators in Bulgaria.
If the client is abroad (roaming mode) delays are possible to occur or even not receiving the message. In this case still could be used the option Automatic call (Voice OTP).
In general – for successfully using of the new security measure the client personal data and mobile phone number should be correct.

Does each created payment required confirmation with a new password?
The password received by SMS or automatic call from the bank can be used only once within the validity period that the customer will see on the screen of his mobile device.

What is the price of the OTP?
The OTP service is free of charge.

If the customer is in roaming mode, additional fees could be charged by the respective mobile network operator. 

You can request a new password in a branch of the Bank or online at www.e-postbank.bg by selecting the Forgotten password option.

In order to successfully reset the password, it is necessary the entered data (an email address and a number of mobile phone) to be the same like provided upon the registration for internet banking service. You must know your username as well as have access to the e-mail and the mobile number on which you will receive a one-time code to confirm the newly chosen password.