Cash Management

Postbank provides a full range of Cash Management Services helping corporate customers smoothly run their daily transactions. Cash Management includes opening and maintenance of different types of accounts, cash operations and payments in BGN and foreign currency.

Accounts can be opened in BGN, EUR, USD, GBP or SEK at any of the Bank’s financial centers.

  • Current Accounts
    Your current accounts with the Bank give you access to your funds and we can supply you with daily transaction reports.
  • Special Accounts
    Fundraising, liquidation and deposit accounts.

Clean Payments
Postbank performs incoming and outgoing transfers (in BGN; EUR; USD) and guarantees that you will receive your proceeds/pay your obligations on time. BGN transfers within the Bank are made in real-time. BNG transfers to/from other banks are executed via the RINGS or BISERA systems. USD and EUR payments are performed through the SWIFT system using large correspondent network of Eurobank.

Cash operations
Cash deposits and withdrawals – although we live in a word of electronic payment instruments, we still need cash or receive cash in our daily operations. We will supply your business with the needed cash (up to the balance of your current account). Your cash sales can be immediately converted into electronic funds using our cash deposit service. This service can be combined with the collection of the cash from your points of sales using the services of the cash collection company we co-operate with.