Private Banking


The opportunity today is the key for the optimum financial solutions tomorrow. However, it requires strategic planning and the capability to provide information tools, which is not always easy. This is the unique value proposition of Postbank Private Banking along with Eurobank Private Bank Luxembourg S.A. - flexible strategy, always focused on the global events.

The core of our success is the ability to recognize both clients’ needs and the tailor made solutions corresponding to the dynamic financial world.

Our daily activity is oriented towards the most important recognition: Our clients trust.

This is our philosophy for contemporary Private Banking.

Our proposal

What we offer is an integrated and enhanced approach towards wealth management, fine-tuned in cooperation with Eurobank Private Bank Luxembourg S.A , a vast portfolio of business (investment) strategies, reliable access to a leading global financial hub – Luxembourg, along with other wealth management services. The highly qualified team of experts of both Postbank and Eurobank Private Bank Luxembourg S.A. are here to provide our clients with strategic financial planning solutions, focusing on stable long-term return,transparency and immediate liquidity, as well as specialized services and solutions or the so called wealth management services.


Your Private Βanker is your permanent associate and navigator in respect of all products and services that we offer in cooperation with Eurobank Private Bank Luxembourg S.A.
Our professionals, with their specialization, enormous long-year experience in investment services and their extensive knowledge of the international capital markets will ensure the successful and long-term relationship with You.

Contact us

You are cordially invited to visit our discreet and comfortable Private Banking Centre, located in Sofia, 30 Tzar Shishman Street, floor. 3

*This document is for your information only and is not intended as an offer, or a similar binding proposal, of the presented services or for investment advice under the Bulgarian or Luxemburg law. The purpose of this presentation is to give you initial knowledge on the Private Banking service proposed by Postbank in partnership with Eurobank Private Bank Luxembourg S.A. In case that this brief booklet urge you to seek further information or you already decided on avail of the service, you are welcome to the Private Banking Center where you will be provided with the complete and accurate details on the service.
Please, be advised, that deals with financial instruments are subject to certain risk, which could materialize in losses of part of your investment or the whole invested amount. Investments are not suitable for investors, who are not meeting specific criteria.
Investors are obliged to have the expertise, knowledge, professional, legal, tax or other expertise in the field of financial instruments in order to value the investment and identify the arising risks.
Past performance of an investment is no guarantee for its current or future performance. Bank do not guarantee return from investment portfolio. Certain services and products are subject to legal restrictions and cannot be offered on an unrestricted basis and/or may not be eligible for sale to all investors in respective jurisdiction, as in specific cases investor is subject to meeting certain criteria.
Postbank will not be liable for any claims or lawsuits from any third parties arising from the use or distribution of this document, including parties, pretending to be employees of Postbank and/or Eurobank Private Bank Luxembourg S.A.