Current Accounts

Open a current account with Postbank and you will benefit from the following services:

  • ATM payment for your landline, mobile and other utilities bills
  • receive payments including your salary, pension, stipend or other, directly on your account
  • receive an internationally accepted debit card 
  • ability to make stock and bonds related transactions
  • access to overdraft credit
  • detailed printed transactions statement on demand

Required documents

  • Identity document
  • Document certifying the permanent address of the client (unless it is available in the identity document

Where an operation or transaction is effected in cash, the Bank may require additional documents regarding the source of funds.

Transfer of individual current account payments from one bank to another
As of 01.11.2009, Eurobank Bulgaria AD is part of the agreement between the members of the Bulgarian Bank Associations regarding the transfer of individual current accounts.  
The agreement allows individuals to transfer recurring direct debits, recurring credit transfers and incoming credit transfers from current account in another bank to a current account at Eurobank Bulgaria and vice versa.
Guidance and documentation for transfer of individual current account