Postbank seeks to restrict the negative impact its activities might have on environment, so it takes advantage of any opportunity to contribute to environmental protection. Further to our social responsibility and environmental protection policy, as from 4 April 2013, Postbank gives you the opportunity to receive for free in your capacity as legal entity the bank statements for your current accounts at an e-mail address specified by you. Advantages of the electronic statements:
  • Care – you have your say in environmental protection.
  • Security and control – you receive notifications at the e-mail you have specified
  • Convenience – you gain easy access to the information of your bank statements
The service is offered for free, no fees are charged for the service activation and maintenance. The electronic format of the account statements is identical in form and contents with the hardcopy of the statements and is applicable for current accounts. You may apply for electronic statements at your local bank branch. All your company representative needs to have is his/her ID card and the official seal of the company. As from 07.05.2013, hardcopy statements shall be charged pursuant to the Tariff of Eurobank Bulgaria AD for Legal Entities