From the Date of the operational merger, the WinBank service will be replaced by Postbank's e-Postbank and m-Postbank mobile banking.

In order to use the e-Postbank and m-Postbank services, you will first need to visit to enter your current WinBank username and password.

After correctly entering the login information, you will need to create a new password. You can also access the m-Postbank mobile banking application with the same login information. If we still do not have your e‑mail address when you first log in, you will be able to provide one.

If you already have an e-Postbank account, it will remain unchanged and you will have two separate accounts with corresponding rights to access your accounts and products. If you want to have only one account in which you can see all your accounts and products, you can request a change to the Postbank office.

Changes regarding the separate functionality of the WinBank and WinBank Mobile Internet banking platform:

  • Limits on transfers

    The limits set for Postbank and Piraeus Internet banking and mobile banking differ. For security reasons, you will be assigned daily limits at standard levels in accordance with Postbank's current procedures.

    Further information will be provided to you in your e-Postbank Internet Banking Account. If you wish, your limit on e-Postbank can be changed by submitting a request to a Postbank office at your convenience or entirely online through the e-Postbank platform itself, after the Date of the operational merger. For users with rights of access to accounts of legal entities who wish to take advantage of the functionality for online requesting a change of limits through e-Postbank, it is necessary to submit a request in advance from the legal representative of the account holder at the office of Postbank.

  • Account and credit products management

    Accounts and products that were available in your WinBank account will also be available with your e-Postbank/ m-Postbank account.

  • Making transfers

    If at WinBank you had the right to make credit transfers to third parties, you will also have active rights to make transfers at e-Postbank. Confirmation of the transfers in e-Postbank and m-Postbank will be done with a software token - m-Token Postbank, which you will be able to request through your e-Postbank account.

    A prerequisite for the issuance of m-Token Postbank is that we have your correct and complete personal data, including a valid mobile number and email address registered with the Bank. You will be able to request a change of your personal data at an office of the Bank.

  • Regular transfers and payments

    If you have automatic bank transfers set up through WinBank, these will be transferred to e-Postbank under the Transfers / Periodic Payments menu. In order to continue the transfers automatically, the first payment must be confirmed once with the software token m-Token Postbank. Automatic recurring transfers set to WinBank for execution on the last business day of the month will be transferred with the due date of the 28th of the respective month.

    Subscriptions that you make to WinBank for automatic credit card payment will not be transferred to e‑Postbank. In the e-Postbank, the Cards menu, you will have full information about the amounts due, statements, card authorizations and transactions and you will be able to deposit amounts on your credit cards with just a few clicks.

  • Utility bills

    Auto-Execution Utility Bills: If you had such a service activated, it will be transferred to Postbank and payments will continue to be made automatically through the Universal Payer service. Changes or termination of the created subscriptions will be possible in Postbank office at your convenience. Subscription created information will also be available in your e-Postbank account, Utilities & Taxes menu, Direct Debit / Utilities payments submenu.

    Manually Verified Utility Bills: The created subscriptions will be available in your e-Postbank (Utilities & Taxes) and m-Postbank (Utilities) accounts. You will be able to make payments from accounts in BGN or from a credit card (you need to claim one-off payment entitlements for utilities and credit card taxes at a Postbank office). Before making a first payment, you need to select the account or credit card you want to pay from.

  • Bulk payments (functionality only available to business customers)

    Through e-Postbank you can make mass payments to counterparties and the budget, as well as mass payments for salaries. E-Postbank offers the ability to import a bulk payment file, which can be divided into single entries, including authorizing and making only part of the payments.

    Payment of foreign currency wage payments will be possible only at the Bank's office.

    A full description of the functionality and a description of the file structure can be found at, section "Digital Banking / Internet Banking / Bulk Payments".

  • Inquiries, templates, SMS and email notifications

Through e-Postbank and m-Postbank you will be able to make inquiries about available bank products and accounts for the period after the Date of the operational merger. For inquiries prior to this date, it is necessary to visit the Bank's office and request the necessary information.

The created translation templates available in your WinBank account will be transferred to the e-Postbank (Template menu) and m-Postbank (Translations menu). The information about the saved counterparties will be available in the e-Postbank (in the “Counterparties” menu). The created SMS or email subscriptions related to the automatic utilities that you have set up through WinBank will be transferred to Postbank via the universal payer utility.

Obligations for the subscriptions created in WinBank with manual confirmation of utility bills will be notified by system notification in e-Postbank or by push notification in m-Postbank.

  • Other services provided via e-Postbank Internet banking and m-Postbank mobile banking

By e-Postbank, in addition to standard services such as domestic and international transfers, utilities and loan payments, you will also be able to:

  • Request an online change to your daily translation limit;
  • Control your finances by subscribing to free real-time transfer notifications via SMS and / or email;
  • Order transfers with a file for "Mass payment", payment of salaries or transfers to contractors (the service is available only for legal entities);
  • Reset your password completely online if you forgot it (we need your current email and mobile number for this purpose);
  • Receive information on current offers from the Bank.
For even greater convenience, you can also use the free m-Postbank mobile app, which is available for download from the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android, offering easy fingerprinting or PIN entry.