New bank cards from Postbank for Pireus bank clients

Dear customers of Piraeus Bank,


We would like to inform you that your new card by Postbank, that will replace your existing card by Piraeus Bank after the operational merger of the two institutions, has been already issued and delivered to an office of Postbank.


You will be additionally notified by SMS sent to the mobile phone number, given by you to the bank, from which office of Postbank and at which address you can receive it. This information you can also obtain on 0 700 12 002 or 0 700 18 555 (*7224 – short number for mobile operators).

We will expect you to visit the office at a time most convenient for you.You can take your card till November 10th 2019.


As we have already informed you, on June 13, 2019, the acquisition of Piraeus Bank Bulgaria AD by Postbank (Eurobank Bulgaria AD) has been completed. The operational and legal merger of the two institutions are expected soon.


Important! Once you receive your new card by Postbank, it will be activated automatically as of the date of the operational merger, and until then you can continue using your existing card.


Important! As of the Date of the operational merger, your exisiting debit and/or credit card by Piraeus Bank will be deactivated and will not be usable, even if you have not visited until then a Postbank office to receive your new card and sign a new contract with Postbank.


The exact date of legal merger and the date of operational merger will be additionally announced in the special sections of the corporate websites of Postbank ( and Piraeus Bank (,  as well as in the offices of the institutions and via our innovative application EVA Postbank of Postbank.


Sincerely Yours,
The Team of Postbank