Receiving monthly account statements

As you already know, Postbank and Piraeus Bank are merging and moving forward together towards their legal and operational merger, expected to end by 18th November2019.

We would like to inform you that after the operational merger of the two banks, the sending of statements of accounts by email will be stopped.

What is important for you to know?

You can continue to receive your monthly statements of your accounts easily and conveniently through Postbank's “e-Postbank” internet banking. You can also request to receive a hard copy of the statements at any bank office.

Additionally, you can, at any time, check your statement online and monitor the availability and movements of your Postbank accounts through online and mobile banking.

Full information about the upcoming changes is available at the offices of both banks or at:

  • Internet sites и ;
  • Through Postbank innovative application –  ЕVA Postbank;
  • At phone number 0700 18 555 or *7224 (short code for mobile operators) and email: