As of the Date of the operational merge, all account numbers (IBAN) of bank accounts, which have been opened and serviced at Piraeus Bank Bulgaria, will be replaced with new ones from Postbank Bulgaria. In order to receive your new IBAN from Postbank Bulgaria, please use the online converter below, entering your old IBAN from Piraeus Bank Bulgaria and selecting the “New IBAN” button.

IBAN (from Postbank)
The field is required. Please, insert valid IBAN (BGxxPIRBxxxxxxxxxxxxxx). The IBAN is not valid. Please try again. If the problem persist, please call us at 0 700 12 002 or 0 00 18 555 (*7224 for mobile phone service providers).

You may also receive your new IBAN by calling our hotline at tel. 0 700 12 002 или 0 700 18 555 (*7224 for mobile phone service providers), as well as from our experts at every Postbank and Piraeus branch across the country.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As of the Date of the operational merge, you may not be able to perform outgoing and incoming transfers to your bank account, using your old IBAN from Piraeus Bank Bulgaria. You are advised to inform your contracting parties and partners, before abovementioned date, of the new IBAN of your account.

Please visit a convenient for you office or specialized center from Postbank Bulgaria network for additional information regarding the upcoming updates related to the bank products and service you use.