ONE wallet by Postbank

ONE wallet by Postbank is the digital wallet that allows you to make contactless payments directly from your phone and presents many other features.*

The application is intended for all individual customers, new and existing, for whom new technologies are an indispensable part of everyday life. If for you the smartphone is a valuable helper in everyday life and a participant in all your tasks and experiences, then ONE wallet by Postbank will bring you many advantages.


We present you your new digital wallet, which will completely replace the need to have cash or a card at hand.

Download ONE wallet by Postbank 


For assistance and payments outside the EEA (European Economic Area) you can contact us at 0700 18 555 (Customer Service Center), * 7224 (Short number for mobile operators); via our e-mail, as well as on the official Facebook page of Postbank, where you will receive expert advice and assistance.


We made ONE wallet by Postbank even better:


  • Register for ONE wallet by Postbank and take advantage of all the conveniences it offers, even if you are not yet a Postbank customer. Find out more here.
  • You will receive fast push notifications on your phone for every transaction on your accounts and cards in Postbank.
  • Every registered user receives automatically and free of charge a digital account and card. The digital card is issued with a 3 or 5 year validity. After the expiration date, the card is automatically reissued if there have been transactions with it in the last 180 days or after log into the app.
  • You have a card from another bank and want to top up your digital card issued by Postbank? It’s possible now!
  • Even more options for making quick transfers through the app:
    • To digital accounts of other ONE wallet users
    • To accounts in Postbank and other Bulgarian banks
    • To cards, issued by Postbank
  • Save your payees and be able to send them transfers within seconds, without additional confirmation with software token m-Token Postbank/SMS OTP for each payment
  • Buy now, pay later - Deferring credit card(Postbank) transactions over 100 BGN made in last 30 days.
  • Rearrange your cards in the app in the most convenient way for you
  • Freedom and security in one – you can manage your cards issued by Postbank with ONE wallet by Postbank 
  • Lock and unlock your cards
  • You decide for which channels to use your cards (POS; Internet; ATM)
  • Limit the territories where your card can be used  
  • ONE wallet by Postbank is available in Google play, App Store and App Gallery


With ONE wallet by Postbank, you can do even more:

  • You can manage your products and choose which ones are visible in the app and which are not (for iOS devices contactless payments are provided by Apple Pay)
  • With your free digital card, you can make contactless payments at a POS, make transfers and shop online. For online payments you should have m-Token Postbank. Find out more here
  • Do you have loyalty cards that you need to carry with you? You no longer need to do that! With ONE wallet by Postbank, you add them to the application so that everything you need is always with you.
  • Managing your personal finances is easier than ever! In the application, you have history of your payments and you can track all transactions on your checking and savings accounts in the bank, as well as all transactions with your cards issued by the bank.
  • You can defer your purchases with credit cards from Postbank in instalments for 3/6/9 or 12 months! It is important that the purchase must be in BGN and is worth more than BGN 100 and was made in the last 30 days.
  • You can invite your friends to join ONE wallet family.
  • You can manage your products and choose which ones are visible in the app and which are not
  • Pay contactless at a POS terminal directly with your smartwatch! The service is available for Garmin, FitBit and iWatch smartwatches

How to register in the app:

  • For Postbank customers
    Download ONE wallet by Postbank from Google play, App Store or App Gallery.

    Register with your card issued by Postbank or use your e-Postbank username and password. Then follow the steps in the app.

  • If you are not yet a Postbank client
    If you are a person with legal capacity and own a valid Bulgarian personal ID card, download ONE wallet by Postbank from Google playApp Store or App Gallery and follow the steps here!

How to make payments at a POS terminal?

In order to pay contactless at a POS terminal. You can choose one of the registered cards in the application or top up and use your digital card.
You can choose a primary card for payments with the mobile wallet. In this way, you can pay even faster and easier – just unlock your phone and bring it to the POS terminal to pay with the primary card. In certain situations, it is necessary to enter a PIN code or biometric data on the phone for verification.


Technical requirements

To use ONE wallet by Postbank you need a mobile device with Android 6+ or iOS 11+ operating system.

You need to have internet access vie Wi-Fi or mobile internet. To use the application with mobile internet from your operator, check your individual tariff plan.

ONE wallet deactivation

If you want to terminate your registration and to close your Digital card and respective account, you can do this in a few steps. After login into ONE wallet, go to "Other" -> "Settings" and click button "Deactivate profile" -> "Confirm". The app will ask for PIN or biometric verification.

To deactivate your account, it is necessary to have no available amount in the Digital card/account and all card payments should be posted.

* The service is available for existing clients of Postbank, as well as to new persons with legal capacity, who possess a valid Bulgarian ID card, who as of the date of their registration in ONE wallet by Postbank, do not use other product and services of the Bank. The service allows contactless payments with digitized payment cards, issued by the bank, as well as other payment operation, according to the Bank’s General Terms and Conditions for the service, available here. ONE wallet by Postbank is available for mobile devices with Android, iOS and HarmonyOS operating systems. For contactless payment with ONE wallet by Postbank, your device must have NFC functionality. On iOS devices payment are made through the iPhone’s Wallet (Apple Pay) functionality. For more information on how to register a card with Apple Pay, see here. If you are not sure whether your device supports these features, check the technical documentation provided by the manufacturer.