Postbank abolished the safekeeping fee for individuals and legal entities

Effective 25 July 2022, Postbank is eliminating the safekeeping fee for both new and existing customers. The change is in connection with the decision of the Governing Council of the European Central Bank to increase the deposit rate by 50 basis points, taken on 21 July 2022. Customers of the financial institution will benefit from the new conditions automatically. The change takes effect for both individuals and legal entities.


The removal of safekeeping fee on individual and corporate customers is in line with the bank's long-term strategy of delivering a premium customer experience. With over 30 years of history on the Bulgarian market, Postbank offers a rich portfolio of financial solutions to its customers. The financial institution was the first certified bank in the country to offer its customers the advanced instant payment service with the ability to make transfers from account to account within ten seconds. Only last year the bank introduced a number of innovations for an even better customer experience: new functionalities of the digital ONE wallet, the first for the Bulgarian market Smart POS by Postbank, which turns the mobile phone into a POS-terminal, began the phased implementation of new features in the digital areas for express banking, including the unique service for real-time video consultation through modern devices. The first banking chatbot in the country, created by Postbank, has been transformed into EVA – digital assistant: the service helps customers 24/7, answering them even faster and more accurately and it is self-learning because it is based on artificial intelligence technology.


Postbank is among the leaders in corporate and business banking, offering a range of innovative services for its credit and transaction customers: mobile factoring, storage of customer portfolios of financial instruments, settlement of transactions with financial instruments and others. The Bank has a rich portfolio of advanced products under EIF, EIB, Fund of Funds programmes to support the successful implementation of the plans of its business and institutional clients. Among the main priorities of Postbank is the sustainable development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem as a key factor for the development of the Bulgarian economy.   


More information about the entire range of financial solutions of Postbank can be found online at, as well as in any of the institution's centers in the country.