Talented children from "Bon-Bon" to be ambassadors of Postbank’s "Project YOUth" Program

Postbank is partnering with "Bon-Bon Music" in its latest special campaign dedicated to the "Project YOUth" Program. Talents from the formation of various age groups take part in the campaign telling about the advantages of the project in an exciting and intriguing way. Bob-Bon Music” created the soundtrack of the campaign and the young musicians are not only the main characters in the videos but also the artists who use the universal language of music to reach out to the young audience who are the main target of the project. Postbank has developed the modern program to encourage the formation of useful financial habits and a culture of managing one's budget, as well as to help children acquire key skills that build more independence. With "Project YOUth", Postbank focuses on building a stable relationship with the youngest users, by inspiring them and responding to their age-specific needs by providing them with a whole new universe of financial solutions.


"The new special campaign that we started in cooperation with the "Bon-Bon" talents aims to convey the message behind our innovative financial solution "Project YOUth" in an exciting, educational, and interactive way. With our youth program, we aim to teach children important skills for managing their budget from an early age and thus create habits of reasonable consumption. Children today live in an increasingly digital and connected world, therefore, we believe that our new approach to interaction will send the right message to the younger generation. This has provoked us to communicate in a new way with them by searching for innovative communication channels and using a more different and unconventional campaign speaking their language, Postbank commented.


The "Project YOUth" Program is intended for children and young people in three age groups – from 7 to 14 years, from 14 to 18 years, and from 18 to 26 years. In addition to inculcating appropriate consumption, responsible behaviour, and prudent management of personal finances from an early age, it also provides them with the convenience of making their daily payments quickly and easily. There are also appropriate limits for different transactions and according to age, as well as the possibility of control by a parent or guardian. The bank's youngest customers can also choose one of six specially created attractive designs for their debit card, and take advantage of the conveniences that their new means of payment will provide them. In addition to the contactless payments via POS terminals in commercial establishments, children over 14 years of age have the option of passive access to the e-Postbank Internet banking to check the transactions made with the card, which will help them better manage their budget.


Postbank continues to invest in the education of young people and contribute to the overall development of the environment in Bulgaria. The new partnership is an inspiring example of collaboration to benefit these efforts. Established in 1995, the "Bon-Bon Music" is today a symbol of quality, style, and talent. With its exceptionally rich creative experience, numerous projects, concerts, and musicals over the years, the formation continues to be successful on the Bulgarian and world music scene. Over the years, "Bon-Bon" has consolidated its exceptional influence on the music industry and has become a school where many of the stars of Bulgarian pop music began their careers as artists.


The "Project YOUth" program is part of the strategic vision of Postbank, which works with care for its clients and their future, providing them with convenient solutions for their financial plans. Information about all conditions under the Postbank’s "Project YOUth" program and the options it offers can be found in any office of the institution’s wide branch network in the country, as well as online at