Protecting the environment and minimizing the use of natural resources is a priority the Postbank, and it has established the necessary governance structures for the purpose.

Postbank has entrusted its sustainability policy to a dedicated management committee -  the Environmental and Sustainability Committee (ESC). ESC takes all strategic decisions related to the sustainability. This body comprises executive committee members to ensure top management awareness and involvement in the decision-making process in the area of sustainability. The committee is supervising the performance of the Bank in terms of significant positive and negative impacts and ensures that gradual and effective implementation of the PRB is in place. A management board member – the Chief Operating Officer, is directly overseeing the implementation of all sustainability-related efforts in the bank and serves as the chairman of ESC.

At operational level, the Environmental and Social Affairs Coordinator acts as the secretary of ESC and is entrusted to oversee the execution of the environmental policy. This position reports directly to the head of the Central Operation Division.

A variety of topical working groups are active under the ESC with the goal of ensuring that the targets are met and that corrective action is taken as needed:

  • Green Product development
  • Environmental Risk Management
  • Operational Footprint Management
  • Communications

As regards policies and procedures, Postbank follows the Environmental Policy of Eurobank Group. It has adopted its own Environmental Policy Statement, Climate-Related, Environmental and Social Risk Management Procedure in Lending as well as Manual on Sustainable Management.

In 2022 the Bank made another step towards deploying its ESG policy by adopting ESG Strategic Vision in which the strategic directions of its activity are outlined in further detail. It is positioned on a dedicated landing page in the Internet to provide for visibility by stakeholders.

In order to promote awareness of environmental issues and develop initiatives in the field of responsible banking, Postbank founded its Green Board in 2008. This internal, unofficial organization is accessible to participation by all staff members on a voluntary basis. The Green Board has demonstrated over the course of its existence to be a successful conduit for creative ideas from bank workers. The best of these suggestions have through a rigorous selection procedure, following which they are being put into practice. As a result, numerous creative solutions aimed at both internal operations and customers have been implemented, resulting in increased productivity and client pleasure.

Additionally, the Green Board members plan various outdoor activities that include all of the staff members. The Bank made an investment in its own internal Green Together program. It is being created by Postbank with its own funding and being implemented by its staff members voluntarily.

Through its communications campaign, Postbank is making its good practices known both inside and outside of the company, focusing on both its customers and the general public so that it may set a positive example for other businesses.