Continuing to build upon our commitment to offer high quality, innovation and comprehensive service, Eurobank Group brings to you (LF) and (LF) Fund of Funds offered by the Luxembourg-based Eurobank Fund Management Company (Luxembourg) S.A.

This initiative was driven by the high dynamic growth of Eurobank Group in Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Luxembourg and Cyprus and the need to establish a center with an advantageous infrastructure for developing and managing mutual funds in line with the Group’s integrated business vision.

Each of the two (LF) funds is structured as an “umbrella fund", which means that they are composed of several sub-funds with separate assets and liabilities. Ownership of a unit in a sub-fund offers the opportunity to the unit holder to own a diversified investment.

Benefits from participating in the Eurobank (LF) Fund and (LF) Fund of Funds:

  • Favourable transaction schemes
  • Units of any Eurobank (LF) sub-fund may be converted into units of any other (LF) sub-fund
  • Professional fund management implementing state-of-the-art financial analysis tools together with extensive knowledge.
  • Wide variety of products that corresponds to the market trends covering all investment profiles.
  • Broad asset allocation in all major markets around the world.
  • Favourable fee structure.

Whatever your investment objectives and your desired profile of risk and reward, we have an option for you. Discover more through Postbank (LF) Fund and (LF) Fund of Funds!

We inform our present and potential investors that the value of the shares of funds and sub-funds and the yield can decrease, the profit is not guaranteed and the investors undertake the risk of not restoring the investment to its full size. The yield can be decreased or increased due to the changing currency rates. The investments are not guaranteed by the Guarantee Fund, which was established by the State, or by another type of guarantee. The previous results from the activities of the sub-funds are not by necessity tied with the future results from these activities. The investors are requested to examine in detail the Prospectuses of “(LF)" and “(LF) Fund of funds", the Additional Information for Bulgarian Investors, the latest financial reports and other documents needed for coming to an informed investment conclusion before making final decision for investing in funds or sub-funds. The mentioned documents are available at Postbank's financial centers listed in Apendix 1 of the Additional information for Bulgarian investors, at , e-mail:, tel.: 0700 18 555, fax: (02) 9888 110.