Postbank Receives 4 Gold Awards at Career Show Awards 2023

Postbank once again emerged as one of the major winners at the prestigious Career Show Awards, earning a total of four gold and one bronze award in some of the most competitive categories of this year's competition. The financial institution was awarded the gold distinction for Best Employer in the Banking and Finance sectors. These accolades recognize the successful implementation of innovative and creative solutions and effective employer practices for talent attraction, training, management, and development. The company was also honored in the overall and highly contested category of Best Employer for 2023 for its comprehensive employer branding strategy.


Postbank also received an award in the category of Use of Technology in HR, where its innovative approach to digital and VR gamification of employer branding and HR process automation was once again recognized with gold. Over the past year, the financial institution created an innovative gamified career website with a career quiz game and implemented a challenging project for gamified VR software application to provide an engaging, interactive, and inspiring learning and development environment for its future and current employees. By utilizing the features of one of the world's most popular communication platforms, Postbank became the first financial institution in Bulgaria to develop its own career chatbot on Viber, offering an excellent experience for its new candidates.


"We are thrilled to be among the best, largest, and most desired employers in our country. The results this year in the prestigious employer competition continue to show that we are moving in the right direction to have successful and motivated employees who drive the company forward. These awards are evidence of the efforts we make to ensure that all our colleagues feel good as part of our large team of over 3,000 employees, which has expanded even further after the completion of the acquisition of BNP Paribas Personal Finance's branch in Bulgaria," commented Postbank.


The implementation of innovative applications, attractive video content, e-learning platforms, and the use of gamification in the digital and virtual environment, along with its career portal, reinforce Postbank 's commitment and efforts toward the digital transformation of workplace and logically lead to the fourth gold award in the competition – for the excellent work of the HR team in the Management and Teams category. This is evidence that Postbank employs exceptional professionals who implement best practices in talent attraction, retention, and development.


"These awards are valuable to us because they reflect our innovative vision and high standards in applying globally recognized employer practices in human resource management, our creative approach, and the innovations we use to attract the younger generation to the job market. The younger generation is not only more demanding in their expectations of their future employers but also more adventurous in experimenting with technology, even when applying for a job. Retaining their attention is a challenge for us banks, and it provokes us to seek a different approach to them, relying on digital communication, VR gamification, and automation in our HR processes at all levels. In our effort to reach all talented and ambitious young people looking for opportunities for a successful career start in a modern company, we created a special Instagram channel, PostbankSuperstarter, which complements our innovative talent acquisition strategy. We are pleased to have succeeded, and we can now proudly say that we have an exceptional interest in all positions within our company, as well as in our internship program," the financial institution added.


Career Show Awards is an annual competition that recognizes best practices in employer branding and employee attraction, retention, and development. This year, over 100 companies competed in the prestigious competition, submitting a record-breaking 403 nominations. The winners of Career Show Awards 2023 were determined by a prestigious jury composed of proven experts from various business and public life sectors.


With the awards received, Postbank solidifies its leading positions as an employer in the financial services sector, as the company has been repeatedly recognized in other international and local competitions for its innovative solutions in building a successful and motivated team and establishing a strong employer brand. Thanks to its exceptional HR practices in 2023, Postbank has also been certified as a Top Employer by the international independent institute Top Employers Institute.


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