Notification to customers

Dear customers,
In order to make our Mobile Banking "m-Postbank" even more functional, we would like to inform you that from 21st September 2020 we are removing the separate daily limit* for this channel.
With this change, the daily limit that was set up when registering for Internet Banking service or at a later date, will be joint for both channels "e-Postbank" and "m-Postbank". In "m-Postbank'' will be applied a maximum amount for a single payment (transactional limit).**
We kindly remind that you can request changing of account’s limits online in your e-Postbank profile, or in a Bank’s office.***
The change will be applied automatically to all "e-Postbank" and "m-Postbank' users on 21st September 2020, unless the client gives a written request to revoke from using Internet Banking in a Bank’s office. 
The latest version of "General Terms and Conditions" of Eurobank Bulgaria AD for Electronic Banking Services "Internet Banking" for "Individual and Corporate clients", which will be applied from 21st September 2020, can be found at

Kind regards,
Postbank Team

* Daily account limit – maximum amount of transactions, which can be completed in twenty-four-hour period   for both "internet banking" channels – Bank’s website ("e-Postbank") and through mobile banking application ("m-Postbank").
** Maximum amount of a single payment (transactional limit) in Mobile Banking ("m-Postbank") is up to 30 000 BGN or the equivalence in other currencies.
*** Right to send an online change request for account’s limits have individual clients, which the Authorized user for Internet Banking service coincides with the Account holder. Clients that are Legal entities registered in the Commercial register and the Register of Non-profit legal entities (NPLE) or freelancers have to declare a request to add the specific right in a Bank’s office. Limit’s change can be requested in a Bank’s office by the Account holder by signing Bank’s forms.