Business credit line

This loan is intended to help meet urgent, overhead needs of working capital: 

  • Purchase of materials, consumables, raw materials, goods
  • Meet ongoing working capital needs


  • Expand your Business
  • Make good use of the lower prices for purchasing larger amounts 
  • Use the funds as per your specific needs
  • Contract better terms with your suppliers
  • Funding amount: up to BGN 500 000
  • Currently: BGN and EUR
  • Disbursement scheme: free disbursement of the approved limit
  • Disbursement manner: free, in cash or via payment, without the provision of 
  • Repayment: minimum obligatory payment of the interest, while the principal shall be 
  • Renewal: annual review of the credit line and financial position of the company
  • Term: up to 20 years on condition that the annual review shows that the financial 

The loans shall be guaranteed with securities acceptable by the Bulgarian law and the loan policy of the Bank.