Misconduct reporting

Reporting Illegal or Unethical Conduct

Postbank encourages all concerned third parties, to submit reports regarding cases of illegal or unethical conduct.

Reports should be about breaches of policies, procedures and legislation in force, (e.g.: theft, embezzlement, bribery and corruption, money laundering, conflicts of interest, non-compliance with the Code of Conduct and Ethics and / or policies, or anything that could damage the reputation of Eurobank, as well as any attempt to cover up the above).

If the report falls within the scope of the Act on Protection of Persons, Reporting Information, or Publicly Disclosing Information about Breaches (Whistleblowers Protection Act), for the purpose of handling it, you will need to complete the form in accordance with a template approved by the Commission of the Personal Data Protection (CPDP) or to submit the data, specified therein.

The Audit Committee of Eurobank Bulgaria defines and monitors the procedure that ensures confidentiality for all reports.

How to report illegal or unethical conduct: