Postbank is the only bank in Bulgaria that, within its organizational structure, that has a Green Board and an Environmental Office unit. They work to protect the environment, both in terms of limiting the resources used by the financial institution and in terms of its funding activities.

Environmental protection and ecologically oriented green projects are an essential part of Postbank's long-term active CSR policy. Over the years, the financial institution has implemented many socially responsible campaigns. The most large-scale of them are: "Green Stories In the Open Air”, in which employees improved the eco-path in the Golden Bridges area of Vitosha, the internal initiative "Heroes in Green", which promotes environmentally responsible behavior among the team of the bank, together with the "Green Classroom" project, which is the construction of an innovative amphitheater corner for learning and fun in nature in partnership with Mastercard and Vitosha Nature Park.

You can find more information about Postbank's green initiatives here.