Postbank Premium

Your financial success and mutual trust are of great importance to us.
Receiving professional financial advice has never been that easy - meet our Premium Banking service in person.

Designed around your busy everyday schedule, our Premium banking allows you to receive an individual expert level advice covering the full spectrum of your financial needs. Whether it is regarding your long-term savings or future investment decisions, we are here to offer our support.

Your own Expert on Premium banking.

As a client of our Premium banking service of Postbank you will have the opportunity to take an advantage of numerous product preferences and personalized services such as:
A highly-trained Premium banker will be at your disposal to help you navigate through important decisions and provide the necessary support.

  • Preferential terms and conditions regarding a wide range of banking products and services
  • Regular up-to-date information about investment markets, new products and promotions of the bank
  • Limited offers for investments in precious metals and mutual funds
  • Tailor-made products: bundle product “SpestInvest" (deposit and investment in mutual fund)
  • Additional confidentiality with “Locked accounts” service
  • Dedicated service line only for Premium clients - Premium Call Center 0800 18 333 
  • Private space for meetings at the bank office, giving you the comfort and privacy you need for your important decisions
  • Our Premium banking service is available in 7 cities across the country. In order to learn more for the conditions and advantages of the service, please contact an Expert Personal banking.