1. Account number / IBAN

As of the Date of the operational merger, your bank account number (IBAN) will be automatically replaced with a new one.

To find out the new IBAN number for your account, you can:

  • Use the specially designed automatic generator here;
  • Contact our experts at 0 700 12 002 or 0 700 18 555 (* 7224 - short number for mobile operators);
  • Download Postbank's EVA Postbank mobile application, which was created specifically to give you quick access to full information on any upcoming changes;
  • Consult the experts in any office of the two banks.

As of the Date of the operational merger, outgoing and incoming transfers to / from your account with the old IBAN of Piraeus Bank will not be possible. It is necessary to notify all your counterparties of your new IBAN before this date.


2. Current and savings accounts

  • The monthly fee for servicing a current or savings account, as well as for daily banking packages, will be collected on the date when your Piraeus Bank account was opened;
  • The period for paying interest on: 1) current accounts (standard current account and Piraeus Express account); 2) standard savings deposits; 3) accounts for servicing a time deposit; 4) payment accounts for basic operations; 5) card accounts for individuals; 6) child savings deposits; 7) current accounts for legal entities and business entities and 8) special accounts for legal entities and economic entities will be once per calendar year, on December 31st.
  • Bank statements from current accounts of business entities and other legal entities will be daily, weekly and monthly.

You can request a change in the frequency and manner of receipt of the statements (by e-mail or hard copy) at each Postbank office. If you have not explicitly requested to receive the bank statement by e-mail, the Bank shall prepare the statement in paper form and make it available at the financial center of the Bank. Upon expiration of a three-month grace period, as of the Date of the operational merger, the Holder shall pay a monthly fee for paper statements in accordance with the Postal Bank's Tariff for Legal Entities.

  • For accounts with a debit card issued to them – the monthly fees for servicing the account and the debit card will be changed from the date of the operational merge, but the total monthly maintenance cost (the sum of the two fees) remains unchanged
  • For the Savings Account / Piraeus 13th Pension package, the terms and conditions of Postbank's Gold Time payment account product will apply. If the account does not receive a pension (or other regular income) for a period longer than three consecutive months, then fees and commissions valid for a standard savings account will start to apply to it, in accordance with the applicable Postbank Tariff (see more here).

3. Term deposits

If you have a term deposit opened with Piraeus Bank, its terms and conditions do not change until its maturity date. All deposit products continue to exist under the terms of the deposit agreements. At the maturity of the deposit, you can choose from the available savings and deposit products of Postbank to continue to save money with the Bank. If you use a deposit product that is automatically renewed under the terms of the deposit agreement, it will be renewed under Postbank's current terms and conditions if funds are not withdrawn at maturity.


4. Piraeus Cash Manager Program

The customers of Piraeus Cash Manager program for individuals and companies will have the opportunity to continue to use the Piraeus Cash Manager Personal Savings Account, respectively the Piraeus Express Account for legal entities, but without the deposit service option.


5. Accounts for receiving of work remuneration

If you use any of the following bank accounts for salary purposes - a Salary Savings Account, a Salary Card Account, or a Piraeus Fair Play Savings Account, you should receive your salary (or other regular income) in that account on a regular basis in order to be eligible to continue using preferential terms.

In the event that the account has no receipt for a period longer than three consecutive months, then standard terms and conditions applicable to the product will start to be applied to the account according to the applicable Postbank Tariff.


6. Accounts services

  • Periodic payments

All active recurring payments from your accounts, as well as consent for automatic payment of utility bills, will be transferred to Postbank systems as they existed at Piraeus Bank before the Date of the operational merger.

  • Utility payments

The service for cash payment of utility bills at the Piraeus Bank offices will not be available as of the Date of the operational merger. We will offer fast and convenient payment methods for utilities through Postbank's e-Postbank Internet banking platform, the m-Postbank mobile banking application, as well as through our ATM network throughout the country.

If you had an automatic payment utility service enabled, it will be transferred to Postbank via the Universal Payer service, and payments will continue to be made automatically but will not be available for editing through Postbank's internet banking e-Postbank. If you wish to edit or terminate automatic payment of utility bills, you can do so at a Postbank office at your convenience.

The service for automatic payment of utility bills with bank cards - "Electronic utility bills" offered by Piraeus Bank through a third party - operator is also terminated. This service will be replaced by Postbank Universal Payer service and payments will continue to be made automatically. Changes or termination of the created subscriptions will be possible at Postbank office at your convenience.

Your subscriptions to pay for manually verified utility bills, which are available today at WinBank, will be available in your e-Postbank Internet banking account under the Utilities and Taxes menu. You will be able to make payments from accounts in BGN or from a credit card (for payment by credit card you need to request a one-time activation of the service at a Postbank office). When making a first payment, you need to select the account or credit card from which you want to make your payments.

  • Payments from the National Social Security Institute and the Social Assistance Agency.

If you receive payments from the National Social Security Institute and / or the Social Assistance Agency, after the change in your account number (IBAN), Postbank will notify the specified institutions of the new IBAN in your account to ensure that this type of payment is transferred to the account with the new IBAN. You do not need to explicitly inform them.

All other contributors and transferrers to your account, including your employer, must be personally informed by you of the new (IBAN) number of your account in order to continue to receive your Postbank account payments on a regular basis.


7. Guaranteed deposits

Until the expiration of a period of six months from the Date of the legal merger, the deposits in Postbank and Piraeus Bank will be guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund separately. Upon expiration of this period, the amount of your guaranteed savings on all deposits that have been opened in both Piraeus Bank and Postbank will be guaranteed by the Fund up to a total of BGN 196,000 under the Bank Deposit Guarantee Act.