The benefits of your reissued card from Postbank

The benefits of your reissued card from Postbank

As you already know, Postbank and Piraeus Bank are merging and moving forward together towards their legal and operational merger, expected to end by 18th November2019.

It is a pleasure for Postbank to welcome you to its large family and to offer you its innovative financial products and high value services.

Postbank already has issued your new debit/credit card, that will replace your existing card by Piraeus Bank after the operational merger of the two institutions, when your current Piraeus Bank Bulgaria debit/credit card will be deactivated.

What are the advantages of your new card from Postbank?

Our debit cards are contactless, with an unique design. You can withdraw with them funds from all ATMs at home and abroad, conveniently pay anywhere and anytime, and shop online.

Postbank's credit cards come for you especially with many benefits, including:

  • longer gratis period up to 50 days (up to 45 days for Mastercard Cash);
  • additional prizes up to BGN 1,000 per year, won through the generous MyRewards loyalty program;
  • easy servicing and payments through the Internet and Mobile banking;
  • free insurance package with medical insurance when traveling abroad, free repatriation of a car in Bulgaria, damage in case of loss of luggage or delayed flight (not valid for Mastercard Cash);
  • Contribution purchases and rescheduling of transactions.

It's important to know that all Piraeus Bank credit cards are reissued without an annual fee for the first 24 months after their activation (except for Mastercard Cash), without interest for 3 months for all purchases and cash withdrawals, completed in the first 3 months after card activation and 3 months with double My Points rewards after card activation.

  • Where can I find information in which office is my reissued card?


You can find the office you can pick up your new Postbank debit/credit card from via the special search engine, available at The new card will replace your Piraeus Bank Bulgaria card after the operational merger of the two institutions, which is set to occur on 18 November 2019. Information about the office where your card has been delivered to is available also in the text message we have sent you or at phone number 0700 18 555 or *7224 (short code for mobile operators).

You can submit a request to receive your card free of charge to another, more convenient Postbank office (including in another city) at the above-mentioned phone number.

Please, pick up your card by 10 November 2019.

Find more about the process here.