Frequently asked questions

  • What is the purpose of the PIN code?

Your PIN code allows you to log in to the application without having to enter username and password. You choose what your PIN code is going to be. It is more convenient and faster to log in to the application, without the need to enter username and password, used to log in to m-Postbank. You are able to choose a PIN code with the first log in to the app. In case you do not enter it then, you can do that later in the mobile app in the "Settings" menu - "PIN login".

  • What are the requirements for the PIN code?

The PIN code needs to be between 6 and 12 digits.

  • What happens if I forget my PIN?

If you forget your PIN code, you need to enter the app with your username and password for m-Postbank or with biometrics if you have activated them. After that you can set up a new PIN in “Settings” menu – “Enter with PIN”.

  • What should I do if I forget my username and password for m-Postbank?

If you have forgotten your password for mobile banking m-Postbank you can reset it without visiting a branch of the Bank, but you must know your Username.

You have to choose Forgotten password option and to enter a username, an email address and a mobile phone number. The specified data must be the same as provided upon the registration for internet banking service and it is necessary to have access to the registered email and mobile phone

If you have forgotten your username or you are unable to reset the password online, you need to visit a convenient Postbank branch, in order to receive an activation code from our employees for generating new username and password.

  • Is Posbank’s mobile application secure enough?

The level of security of the m-Postbank mobile application is the same as that of the Internet banking e-Postbank. In order to use it without any problems, it is necessary to maintain some basic precautions to prevent possible misuse of your personal data. It is important to use the "Exit" option when you have finished using the mobile application, and as an additional security measure, your session will expire if you have not used the mobile application for more than 5 minutes.  

  • What transfers can be made to third parties?

You have the opportunity to make transfers in BGN to other persons inside and outside the Bank, as well as to make transfers in foreign currency within Postbank.


  • What are the limits for transfers in Internet and mobile banking?

The limits for transfers to other persons are defined upon registration for the service in a branch of the bank. The set limits for single transfer or daily limit are common for the two channels - internet and mobile banking*.

* Maximum amount for a single transfer in the mobile banking is 29 999.99 leva.

  • Can the limit be changed?

The maximum limit for transfers to other persons is determined by you when registering for the service and you can manage it by submitting an application for changing the limit through the Internet banking e-Postbank or in a branch. For users of company clients, the right to submit orders through e-Postbank is claimed in the customer service branch by an authorized person.

  • For which utilities will I receive notifications?

Notifications are received in case of a new upcoming payments to one of your subscribed providers.

  • How do I receive notifications for new utility bills on my device?

You need to enable notifications from the m-Postbank mobile application in the “Settings” menu of your device.

In case you don’t want to receive notifications, you can disable them from the same menu.

  • If I use more than one device, where will I receive notifications?

Notifications are received on the last device from which you logged in to mobile banking. If you use another device, your notifications will be automatically transferred to it.

  • I receive notifications for new utility bills, but after entering the mobile banking, I don’t find them?

If you have paid your debt in the meantime, it is possible that it has been submitted in advance by the supplier and its status has not yet been updated.

It is possible that another user has used your device to access the mobile application, in which case you will receive their notifications. In this case, the user must either log in from another device, or you can contact the Customer Service Center at * 7224 and email, where colleagues will assist you.

  • Is fingerprint login available to all devices?

Yes, for all Android and iOS devices that support fingerprint option.

* Android devices need to use the Android Fingerprint API.

  • Are there restrictions when using a fingerprint login with more than one user?

Fingerprint login can be activated for one user on one device.

  • My phone supports fingerprint, but I can’t activate it for easier login to the mobile app?

You need to check if a fingerprint has been added to your device. After entering the mobile banking in the "Settings" menu, you have the option to activate the option as an alternative login to m-Postbank.

  • Is my fingerprint data being sent?

The new functionality is based entirely on the built-in technologies and protections in the user's phone and the fingerprint data are not available for Postbank.