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1. How to request and install a certificate?

The certificates are managed from menu “Security"-tab.“Certificates".

If you want:

  • To install Digital certificate issued by Postbank , choose “ Start digital certificate issuing " and install the certificate in four steps:

1) The system checks the user’s browser and Operating System and automatically recognizes them.
2) Enter the received on the mobile phone One-Time Password for activation of the certificate
3) Confirm the messages for request and installation of the certificate with “Yes".
4) Check for successfully signing with the installed certificate

  • To register Qualified Electronic Signature (QES):

1) Install the Qualified Electronic Signature and the appropriate software on your computer pursuant to the instructions of the Issuer.
2) From menu “Security"- tab."Certificates", select “ Register QES ".
3) Choose the certificate, which you want to register, enter the PIN and press “Register".

The request and the installation of the certificate must be made from the same computer, computer user, and browser.

More information about certificates you can find in section Certificates.

2. I cannot make the certificate request. I receive an error message, what do I need to do?
Look at the Certificates section – your browser is probably not set to work with certificates. This is usually due to problems relating to the security of your system and the browser you use.

In order to tackle the problems, please, meet the requirements detailed in the Certificates section.

3. How can I transfer the certificate to another computer?
The way to transfer a digital certificate to another computer (export) is described in the User Manual -Working with certificates – Storing a certificate on a portable carrier and transferring a certificate from a portable carrier.