• Loans under operational programme "SME Initiative"

    The programme is a joint initiative of the European Commission (EC) and the European Investment Fund (EIF) and is aimed at facilitating the access to finance for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the country by relaxing the requirements for provision of collateral and reduction of interest rate levels on their loans.

  • Credit lines

    Whether you want to explore new opportunities, protect your cash-flow from seasonality or cover extra expenses, our Business credit line can support your business according to its needs.

  • Investment Loans

    Whether you are looking to close a large domestic deal or you have your eyes on the international market, our team is at your disposal. Along with the years of investment banking experience, our talented and highly trained experts have an impressive track record of numerous local and international deals.

  • Accounts

    Here at Postbank, we are dedicated to offer you fast, secure and flexible enough services that cover the full spectrum of your corporate needs. Ranging from standard current accounts in local currency all the way to special accumulative accounts, our team of trained experts will be happy to accommodate your requests, ensuring your needs are met to the fullest.

  • Deposits

    The Bank offers its corporate customers deposits in BGN and foreign currencies under favourable conditions and guaranteed profitability.

  • Bundled Products

    You can reduce your costs for bank services with the Dynamics Bundled Products of Postbank.

  • Payments

    Fast and easy access to your funds via ATM, e-banking (e-Postbank.bg) or at any bank branch.

  • Debit Card

    With MasterCard Business debit card on your side, you have the freedom to organize and keep track of your spending in the most convenient way for you. All debit cards we offer are secured to international standards and are available for Bulgarian Lev (BGN) and Euros (EUR).

  • Leasing

    We offer you the opportunity to replace, expand and update your equipment, from the tiniest detail to the entire production line.