Property insurance

Being at the forefront of the mortgages market, Postbank is actively engaged in constantly improving its substantial collateral insurance program. That is why our customers have the freedom to choose property collateral insurance from all insurance companies on the bulgarian market. Furthermore our insurance program is design to protect you even in cases where due to uncontrollable circumstances the property collateral is lost. In that case, our insurance will cover all of  the bank’s receivables.

For more information visit one of our branches and talk to our experts regarding your insurance options.

Life insurance

After launching our holistic  life insurance program for our loan customers in 2008, we at Postbank had come a long way. Designed to protect your company, personal or family budget from unexpected circumstances our Payment Protection Program give you the security you need.

Depending on your loan type our  Payment Protection Program covers the following:

Payment Protection insurance for debit card holders

Our special insurance program will keep you protected in the events of: 

  • theft and unlawful use resulted from breaking and entering
  • theft, Breaking and entering and theft of other documents along with the debit card
  • theft of funds withdrawn with the insured debit card 
  • protection of purchases made with the insured debit card

Payment Protection insurance for consumer loans, mortgage loans and  credit cards

Build to protect you from financial difficulties during consumer loan repayment, our insurance covers you in the event of:

  • unemployment due to layoffs 
  • temporary incapacity for work due to an accident or illness 
  • permanent incapacity for work (70%) due to an accident or illness
  •  unfortunate accidents or illness leading to death   

Payment Protection insurance for small and medium enterprise loans

Designed to protect your loan repayment against unforeseen events related to your ability to work, our insurance program covers you in the events of:    

  • permanent incapacity for work (70%) due to an accident or illness
  • unfortunate accidents or illness leading to death   
  • hospitalization due to an accident or illness (applicable loans without collateral )