• Special offers

    Take advantage from ERB Leasing special offers and choose the car that suits you.

  • Passenger cars

    At ERB Leasing, we know how important the freedom and the convenience to ride on a safe and comfortable vehicle are. Your plans and dreams are much closer when you have a partner you can rely on. Trust us in order to enjoy pleasant moments with the purchase of your new passenger or light commercial vehicle.

  • Commercial vehicles

    Take advantage of our products to update your fleet of vehicles. We offer finance lease for puchase of all types of motor vehicles for your company activities.

  • Equipment and Machinery

    Finance lease for purchase of production equipment and machinery for all type of industries.

  • Agricultural equipment

    We offer flexible solutions for finance lease of agricultural machinery and equipment, designed to fit the seasonal characteristics and the specifics of the agricultural and stock-breading business.

  • Real Estate

    Direct finance leasing and sale&lease back of buildings with repayment period up to 15 years.

  • Base Interest Rate

    Here you can see our current BIR rates and gain more understanding of how it is calculated.