Mortgage Loans

Funding your dream home

At Postbank, we know how important the new home is for our customers. That is why we are offering not only advantageous conditions, but also flexible solutions which will fit to your individual needs.

Mortgage loan with promotional conditions, valid till 30.06.2017:

  • from 4,45% floating interest rate in BGN;*
  • Up to 500 000 BGN/250 000 EUR;
  • Term up to 35 years;
  • Up to 85% market value financing.

Along with your new home you can also enjoy:

  •   Flexible repayment scheme;**
  •   Versatile programs for daily banking, providing you with many benefits.

Fees and commissions:

  • 75 BGN application fee;***
  • 3,00 BGN one-off opening fee for "My Family" program
  • 6,95 BGN monthly service fee for “My Family" program;
  • 150 BGN – property evaluation fee;
  • 200 BGN for collateral analysis;****

* The interest rate is floating in BGN, based on of 6M Sofibor (variable part) plus fixed spread defined in the loan contract. The interest rate shwon above is valid for loans bundled with "My Family" program and payroll transfer in the Bank.

** Flexi option is applicable for loan with annuity repayment plan. Within a calendar year decrease up to 50% and/or increase up to 200% of the annuity installment is allowed up to 2 times and for no more than 6 months and skip of payment of installment - for no more than 1 month in case that the loan has been regulary repaid 3 months after its full utilization and the current installment does not exceed 120% of the control installment amount based on the initial capital and term of the loan and the current interest rate.

*** For clients with income as per labor contract

**** If the collateral analysis is for up to two ownership changes

APR is 4,75% for a mortgage loan amount of 80 000 BGN with 4,45% floating interest rate, for a 30 years loan term, with "My family" program and payroll transfer. All fees and commissions listed above are included in the calculations. State fee for mortgage registration in amount of 0.1% of the loan amount is included in the calculations. Property and life insurance are required.  The costs for Property and life insurances are not included in the APR. The whole amount due is 148 253,54 BGN; 360 monthly installments in amount of 452,73 BGN.

The above mentioned conditions are applicable for loans that are not under regulations as per Art. 24, par. 2 p.1 of The Consumer Credits Related to Immovable Property Act.

The bank is entitled to approve the requested loan with different conditions from the above mentioned.
Required documents for mortgage loan applications:

  • Complete Mortgage loan application (You can apply for a mortgage online or at one of our branches)
  • Copy of your ID card
  • Marital status certificate, issued by the respective regional authority
  • Declaration for related parties
  • Evidence for net monthly income by income source:
  • Certificate for paid taxes and absence of other government collection charges, issued by the Regional Tax Department
  • Documents relevant to the desired real estate – certifying ownership and  lack of encumbrances on the collateral
  • Tax evaluation

Requirements for the Applicants:

All loan applicants should be over 21 years old, with permanent residence in the country, with proven solvency and good credit history.