Postbank's Green Heroes implement three more projects

Within just a month, Postbank's team successfully implemented three more projects for improvement of the environment and support of the society. The initiatives are a continuation of the latest internal campaign for corporate social responsibility of the bank – Green Heroes, which aims to encourage environmentally responsible behavior in its employees. The campaign allows them to apply for funding from the bank to implement various local projects that they have chosen to support.

"Postbank has always worked with care for the nature by supporting programmes and initiatives across the country. We are very happy with the activities of our employees in the internal campaign Green Heroes. We are thankful to all colleagues who formed teams, use their personal time, and enthusiastically take part with great projects. Good ideas should be encouraged, and we hope that the example we give would be followed by other companies as well," the bank commented.

Ten bird houses and five feeders have already been installed in the area around Postbank's headquarters thanks to the joint efforts of its employees and the representatives of Rescue Centre for Wild Animals in Stara Zagora, part of the Green Balkans Association. The project aims to draw the society's attention in a creative way to the birds' preservation and to their natural habitats. The new bird houses and feeders will help create better conditions for the birds and the increase of their population.

The bank's team from Dondukov Central Division's financial center actively participated in the improvement of the kindergarten yard in the village of Tzerovo. With joint efforts, the teams renovated and painted the swings, the fence and benches; they installed bird feeders, and the yard was improved and cleaned.

The employees from Postbank's Customer Relations Department and Sofia-Pliska Branch realized another project of the Green Heroes initiative. Together, they improved the area in front of the bank's branch; they put benches for the citizens and cleaned the nearby rock-garden.

The Green Heroes initiative will continue across the country until the end of September with other activities of the bank's teams, which will be focused on care for the nature and local communities.