Postbank and SoftUni announce the launch of their strategic partnership

At the start of the new school year, Postbank launched a joint project with SoftUni in support of the Bulgarian education. It includes various activities, which prepare the young people for the professions of the future and their realization in Bulgaria. The two organizations' strategic partnership is aimed at encouraging the students to develop their potential as IT and digital leaders prepared for the dynamically changing environment and the new trends in banking. The project is part of the bank's digitalization strategy and its overall corporate social responsibility policy.

Within the partnership, the students of the largest educational IT and digital technologies centre in Bulgaria will have the unique opportunity to work on real projects and cases in Postbank. They will be able to discuss their ideas and own business plans with the experts, to propose and develop different digital solutions to be implemented in the bank, as some of them will personally participate in their integration. Furthermore, the partnership will provide an opportunity for professional realization in the bank to those students who have graduated from SoftUni. They will be able to join the teams of Postbank's specialized departments, which develop digital innovations, as statisticians, analysts, digital marketing and communications experts, digital products experts, and others. All students from the university who are willing may also join Postbank's Innovation Lab.

"We have been investing in our own projects, and have been proactively joining, as a partner, many educational initiatives for young people, for years. Our partnership with SoftUni is aimed at preparing the young people to join the real business immediately after graduating from the university. It is up to us, the people from the business, to create an environment, which would unlock their creativity, curiosity and potential, giving them a better future and stimulating them to stay and work in Bulgaria. Postbank relies on innovations and modern technologies created in a team play. Therefore, we know that we have a strong partner in SoftUni, with which we will confidently work not only for the future of banking, but also for the future of the young people," said Petia Dimitrova, Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson of the Management Board of Postbank.

"The partnership between SoftUni and Postbank is a strategic one and brings together the IT and digital technology fields, the education and the banking sector. The cooperation between our two institutions will involve collaboration on various educational projects and other initiatives, through which we will create new added value together, by supporting the development and career path of the future experts. We are happy with this partnership because once more it shows that the education and the business can work successfully hand in hand towards the creation of a more competitive environment and stronger economy," Ivan Nenkov, CEO of SoftUni, said.

Within the initiative, Postbank joined the first SoftUni Fest, which brought together people interested in programming, digital marketing and design, in one place. The students in one of the categories had the opportunity to work on a real practical case set by the financial institution. The bank also supported SoftUni Camp 2018 – the summer camp for programmers and IT enthusiasts.

SoftUni's mission is to provide a high quality affordable education in the IT and digital fields, creating true professionals and future leaders, thus contributing to a dream, Bulgaria – the Silicon Valley of Europe! The two institutions are now joining their efforts for a common goal – the professional future of young people in Bulgaria.