Postbank is Bulgaria’s Best Retail Bank for 2018

Postbank has been awarded Bulgaria’s Best Retail Bank for 2018 in World Finance Magazine’s prestigious competition The 2018 World Finance Banking Awards. Postbank is the only financial institution in Bulgaria which has received an award in this category since the launch of the awards in 2010. Postbank was recognised for its remarkable achievements which are the result of the institution’s innovative and sustainable retail banking model, the modern products and services the bank has developed, its wide network of comfortable offices throughout the country and the long-term development strategy of the bank.

According to World Finance Magazine, the banks which have the best future are those which can take advantage of innovations without disregarding their basic services. Those very banks are the winners of this prestigious world competition. They are determined by the vote of the magazine’s readers and after a thorough analysis of various criteria such as the innovations they have implemented, the results they have achieved and the development strategies they have employed. The winners of this year’s awards in the various categories of the competition are banks which successfully exploit the new technologies to make their services even more user-friendly.

The financial institution continues to offer modern banking products and services which have no analogue on the market and give added value to clients. These are part of the bank’s long-term strategy for developing digital solutions and innovative banking channels aiming to suit the convenience of clients. In 2017 Postbank invested in an entirely new sub-brand for express consumer lending – Momento, and in its own project for digitalizing the bank’s processes and services. In addition to the new products, including the More Today loan program which enables customers to increase their disposable income by up to 50 percent, the bank offers a series of other advantages as well – additional discounts, bonuses via the innovative Super@ccount current account, direct Western Union transfers to the bank’s ATMs, mobile bankers who consult clients at prearranged time and on-site.

Postbank is a member of Eurobank Group which has repeatedly won World Finance Magazine’s Best Private Bank and Best Retail Bank awards since 2010.