The first modern consumer lending centers Momento are already working in some of the busiest commercial areas

Following the example of innovative global practices in the financial field, and also to meet the consumers’ expectations, Postbank invested in establishing new consumer lending centers. The first Momento centers have modern interior and are located on the -1 level of Paradise Centre and the 0 level of Sofia Ring Mall. The financing services provided by Momento are focused on convenience, speed of service and individual approach by using digital solutions, and they do not carry out cash operations and transactions. A team of highly qualified experts is available to consult clients in order to provide them with specific solutions duly responding to their needs and expectations. The new centers are established following the bank’s strategy for developing innovative financing channels aiming at sustainable consumer experience. They are the logical continuation of the mobile bankers’ service for consulting and sales – “Bankers at Your Side" which was launched in 2016 and quickly turned into an important generator of new business in the retail segment.

“Satisfying our clients’ needs is a top priority for us and we are constantly aiming at finding the best solution. Therefore, we established the specialized centers which are of completely new type and offer quick consumer financing at normal rates. This is something which the Bulgarian market definitely lacked. Our centers offer consumer-friendly processes which are combined with high expertise, speed of service and comfort. Our top goal is to create attractive modern products providing added value to our clients and we believe that Momento is definitely such a solution," Rumen Radushev, Head of Individual Banking and Alternative Channels Division at Postbank, commented. In addition to the rich portfolio of consumer loans, Postbank experts in the Momento centers offer the brand new express consumer loan Momento.

The bank’s strategy is to continue investing in the brand for innovative consumer lending Momento by opening new offices at key locations which do not operate with cash and provide a modern and attractive consumer experience. The next two offices are expected to start operating by the end of the year.