Postbank Business Run 2018 raised over BGN 10,000 in support of three causes

A total of 300 teams from 107 companies from different business sectors participated in the Postbank Business Run 2018 -а charity run, which took place yesterday on the territory of Business Park Sofia. The fifth edition of the largest inter-company competition is organized by the Sports club Begach with the support of Postbank. The largest teambuilding in Bulgaria also helped collect funds for three causes.

The collected over BGN 10,000 will be donated to Cedar Foundation projects for organizing occupational therapy for disabled children and youth, the Water Way Foundation for water rehabilitation for children with disabilities and For Our Children Foundation, focused on allowing more children to live and grow in a safe and developing family environment.

The initiative gathered more than 1,200 participants; including 30 children aged 4-16 who participated in the Kids Run. For the second consecutive year, the CEO Dash race took place just before the main race. It included 17 executive directors from different companies.

The winners received a golden relay, and the teams ranked second and third, respectively, silver and copper. The Postbank Special Award for "Fastest Women's Team" was given to the DXC Hummingbird Women's Team from DXC. In the race for managing directors and senior executives - CEO Dash, the fastest among men was Nicolaos Xydias from GlaxoSmithCline, who ran 1 kilometer for 3 minutes and 24 seconds, and among the ladies - Nina Prodanova-Yotzeva from ITCE with 4 minutes and 6 seconds.

Postbank Business Run is the largest teambuilding event in Bulgaria, where companies test the resilience and team spirit of their employees in a charity relay race. The corporate race has been organized by Sport club Begach with the support of Postbank since 2013 and always achieves extremely high results. The main goal of the project is to attract people's attention to a healthy lifestyle by provoking their desire for victory through teamwork and cooperation in the name of a noble cause.

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