Postbank ranks first in marketing effectiveness and wins two ЕFFIE awards

The prestigious awards in the Services category are for “More Today” programme and Mastercard Cash credit card

Postbank received a golden and a bronze award at the tenth edition of the most prestigious marketing effectiveness competition Effie Bulgaria. The bank and its long-term communications partner BBDO Group received the invaluable recognition at an official ceremony. The financial institution was named the most effective brand in the ЕFFIE Index Bulgaria 2017. This year saw a 21% annual increase in the number of entries and only two golden, four silver and seven bronze awards were given, which signifies the exceptional recognition the winners have received.

The campaign which won a golden Effie award is for one of the bank’s latest financial solutions, the loan consolidation programme “More Today”, which allows customers to increase their disposable income by up to 50% and sometimes even more. The bronze Effie was given to the bank for its innovative Mastercard Cash credit card, which customers can use to make interest-free cash withdrawals.

“These awards are invaluable for us, as they were given for results we have actually achieved, and this is the true measure of success. We have made a dream come true. Being recognized among so many companies and winning a golden Effie, especially this year, when only two golden awards were given, is enormous success and great recognition for the effort we have invested. We are glad that we have created innovative services which are unique for the market. We are also glad that they have been noticed and, most importantly, that they represent added value for the customers. We put our hearts into these projects and managed to come up with an interesting idea and an unusual approach, mostly focusing on the benefit for consumers. We would like to thank our advertising agency BBDO Group with which we have been working together as a team for ten years now. We hope that next year we will achieve even greater success together,” said Sylvia Kostova, Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing Division at Postbank.

The campaigns were jointly implemented by Postbank’s Marketing and PR team, creative agency BBDO Group/ Graffiti BBDO, PR agency Proximity Sofia/ BBDO Group, digital agency FCB Sofia and Direct Media Kres.

Since 2014, Postbank has won numerous Effie awards in various categories, among which two for the Saving Mortgage Loan campaigns and one for the campaign marking the bank’s 25th anniversary.

The Effie awards are the golden standard in measuring success among advertising agencies and advertisers across the globe. They are given in 49 countries on six continents. As a global symbol of the successful marketing communication, they draw attention to the most effective ideas and promote the teamwork between a client and an agency in an attempt to create a working advertisement. The Bulgarian Association of Communications Agencies is in charge of the ceremony in Bulgaria and has been organizing it since 2007. Effie Bulgaria covers all communication channels on the Bulgarian market to distinguish the campaigns and marketing practices which have proven to be the most effective in compliance with the measurable criteria.